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We have proudly served the community as the trusted maritime transportation provider since 1883. Our mission is to offer a safe, reliable, and enjoyable ferry experience for passengers breaking the Long Island Sound barrier.

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Our Fleet

A Voyage Through Time

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Nonowantuc 1884-1902:

The pioneering Nonowantuc was the first ferry of the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company. This 120-foot wooden vessel boasted stability with its two masts rigged with staysails. It accommodated 350 passengers and had a crew of six.

Park City 1898


Park City 1898-1949:

Crafted by esteemed shipbuilders Mather and Wood, the Park City was a 143.5-foot ferry that earned the affectionate moniker "The Lady of the Sound." With a capacity of 600 passengers, it became an iconic symbol of the company.

Victor 1903


Victor 1905-1910:

Standing out from the fleet, the Victor was a steam-powered side-wheel vessel that served the Bridgeport and Port Jefferson route from 1905 to 1910. Measuring 120 feet in length, it provided a unique transportation experience.

The Long Island 1924


Long Island 1924-1936:

In 1924, the company acquired the Long Island, a steamer that operated on the Bridgeport and Port Jefferson route until 1936. Before its service with the company, this vessel had been utilized by the City of New York for transporting individuals to and from a prison facility.

Priscilla Alden


Priscilla Alden 1936-1946:

The Priscilla Alden took over from the Long Island in 1936 and continued to serve the route alongside the original Park City until 1946.

The Long Island 1924


Catskill 1946-1967

Constructed as a Hudson River freight boat, the Catskill was crucial in WWII Boston, transferring prisoners from ships to shore. From 1946 to 1967, it served the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson route. Notably, it was the last steamboat used by the company, marking a shift to steel-hulled ferries.

The Marthas Vineyard 1923


Martha's Vinyard 1968-1985:

The 200 foot 'Martha' was built in 1923 for Massachusetts, and converted to diesel-electric for Long Island Sound service. Its 'new' engines formerly powered the USS Finback Sub, rescuing future President Bush in WWII, and now helped 'Martha' ferry 35 cars and 1,000 passengers across the sound.

The Grand Republic 1983


Grand Republic 1983-2003:

The Grand Republic ushered in the modern era for the Bridgeport to Port Jefferson route. At 280 feet, it comfortably carried 90+ vehicles and 1,000 passengers. It both outpaced the Martha's Vineyard by 15 minutes, and enabled a year-round sailing schedule. The vessel changed ownership in 2003.

The Park City 1986


Park City 1986-Present (Our "Green" Ferry)

In the summer of 1986, the Park City, the second ferry to adopt Bridgeport's nickname, commenced service across Long Island Sound. With a length of 280 feet and a 47-foot beam, it boasts exceptional sea-keeping qualities, accommodating up to 95 vehicles and 1,000 passengers.

P.T. Barnum 1998


PT Barnum 1999-Present:

Named after P.T. Barnum, the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Co.'s inaugural president, this vessel began sailing in 1999 and remains in service to this day. This 300 ft vessel expanded the fleet to three, allowing hourly service and the transport of 120 vehicles and 1,000 passengers.

The Grand Republic 1983


Grand Republic 2003-Present:

Built in 2003, this ferry is the second to be named Grand Republic. Constructed at Eastern Shipbuilding in Florida, she is 300 feet in length and has a beam of 52 feet. With a capacity of up to 120 cars and 1,000 passengers, this ferry can cross the 15 mile route at speeds up to 20 knots.


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